Proven Match is designed to be an industry-leading franchise assessment and matchmaking tool for your organization. At its heart, the Proven Match assessment and selection process has the ability to transform how individuals and franchisors connect, creating an ideal business opportunity and mutually beneficial outcome.

We bring this matchmaking assessment down to a proven scientific method and approach. The Proven Match system is an ideal tool in determining your existing top franchise performers and the new candidates most likely to replicate this level of success.

Take the stress out of the franchise assessment and selection process, and place your future squarely into the Proven Match system. Our psychometric results will streamline your organization, cutting costs and adding profit in all the right places. End the cycle of reliance on guesswork, and put your franchise organization on a path of scientific reason, clarity and purpose.

Here, we'll determine your Proven Match level and discuss product options.

The Process of Determining Your Franchise's Proven Match Level

The Proven Match system relies upon a simple, five-step process in determining the level of product necessary to assess your mutually beneficial success.

Our Proven Match Five-Step Process: