Proven Match Assessment FAQ

A franchise-focused consulting company that pinpoints the motives, characteristics and ideals to establish a scientifically-based profile of your top-performing franchisees, and provides tools to attract potential franchisees matching that specific profile.
Essentially, there are three phases:

First phase: Proven Match will help you assess your current franchisees to determine the commonalities and motivators of the top performing franchisees.

Second phase: using the data from phase one, attract, identify, and better assess candidates to discover if their values and motives are similar to those of your top performers.

Third phase: create better targeted training programs to potentially strengthen your top performers and evaluate your lower performing franchisees.
Yes, you can - this tool is equally effective for Business Opportunity systems.
Top Performer Model is for those systems with over 100 franchisees. Growth Performer Model is for those systems with under 100 franchisees.
The F.I.T. Assessment is the tool used to profile current and potential franchisees. This scientific based profiling tool is based on Spiral Values Dynamics, Stanford Research Institute's VALS, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Social and Emotional Intelligences.
Franchise Individually Targeted Assessment
Absolutely. The ICR (Individual Comparison Report) shows you strengths and weaknesses of each individual. It will be very clear what areas current franchisees need to improve and what areas need to be hit the hardest when training new zee's in system.
The ICR is a document that compares your candidate directly to your Top Performing franchisees. It determines how closely they match up to your ideal profile on a scale of 0-100%. Based on values and motives, the ICR compares where exactly each candidate is a match and where exactly they are falling short. Individual Comparison Report Individual Comparison Report
Amazingly accurate. Assessments predict a 93.6% accuracy compatibility and performance of prospective franchisees.
Better understanding of your system
Better quality candidate
Better system-wide validation
Quicker ramp up
Increased profitability
Greater retention
Increased performance