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Work Style in Franchisee Compatibility

What is your work style? We often hear about the importance of leadership styles, especially in an office setting. But an individual’s work style can have a significant impact on how they function in a team or, in this case, as a franchisee.

A business style that best suits the nature of your franchise will ultimately provide for more effective management – a key ingredient of a top-performing franchisee. Similar to leadership style, our work styles can be situational, changing depending on the specific situation at hand. This flexibility and adaptability can lend itself to a well-rounded franchisee. However, we each have a particular style that comes more naturally than the others.

When assessing prospective franchisees, you’re looking to uncover their compatibility with your company and determine if they will be a good fit for your franchise. It’s the same idea as an interviewer interviewing a potential new hire. A common question, “Describe your work style,” aims to provide more insight into how the potential hire will align with the corporate culture.

So, what should you look for in terms of work style? Characteristics that make up work style include areas like the pace of the environment, how people react under stress, how they measure their personal worth and what they consider to be their professional strengths. Also, what you prioritize in business can help determine your work preferences. For instance, how do you prioritize between goals, people, relationships and tasks?

Ultimately, what you want to answer is what type of work environment does your business model require to be successful? And do your potential franchisees thrive in that type of environment?

As a franchisor, defining the type of work environment that your franchisees encounter on a daily basis will be key in understanding the work style of your top franchisees. From there, you can better identify which candidates’ work styles are best aligned with your business model.

Defining, understanding and identifying the work style most aligned with your top franchisees can bring you one step closer to recruiting and onboarding ideal candidates for your business.

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