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What Are Meta Programs?

When identifying and recruiting for ideal franchisees, we often talk about the importance of fit. As we dive deeper into the assessment process, what we begin to evaluate are the seven dimensions of compatibility. These dimensions include elements like values and motivations, leadership and compliance. Another dimension? Meta programs.

So what are Meta programs and what are their significance in recruiting top talent for your franchise business?

Meta programs are mental processes. They are responsible for managing, guiding and directing other mental processes. And they determine which of our perceptions are selected for attention.

A Meta program is essentially a system that controls another system. Think of a Meta program as a thermostat, for instance. A thermostat is a system designed to control whether or not the heating and air system is turned on or off. Your programs will determine how you make decisions or how you might become convinced of something.

The Proven Match process was created to measure five Meta programs, including areas like frame of reference and direction sort.

How does this information come into play when recruiting for ideal franchisees?

What we are assessing for in potential franchisees in compatibility, resulting in the ability to better predict future business success in your franchise. To do that, you need to have an understanding of the underlying reasons for why a candidate makes a decision or series of decisions that results in one type of behavior over another. This information can help give you an idea of how he or she will react in certain situations that will arise as an owner in your franchise network.

Meta programs are just one dimension of compatibility. If you would like to learn more about franchise behavioral assessments or how Proven Match can help you attain top candidates for your franchise, contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation.

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