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Webinar: Three Steps to Ideal Franchisees

We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar, Three Steps to Ideal Franchisees: Discovering the profitable pathway to science-based recruitment. Held on Tuesday, Oct. 6 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST, the webinar will be presented by FranNet CEO Jania Bailey and Franchise Relationship Director Jan-Marie Hall.

Have you ever considered incorporating an assessment into your franchise sales and recruitment process, but weren’t sure how assessments worked or what you should look for? Then this is the webinar for you!

Recruiting and onboarding new franchisees is a process. Recruiting and onboarding new franchisees that are an ideal fit for your business model is a process all its own. Identifying those prospective franchisees that are most likely to succeed is more than looking at their age, net worth and income. And this is where a systematic and scientific approach comes into play.

Not all franchises are alike, which means that not all top-performing franchisees will be top performers in all franchise models. Incorporating a science-based approach can bring clarity to the franchise awarding process in addition to consistency as you begin to bring in the highest quality candidates for your business.

In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll break down understanding the ins and outs of science-based recruiting into three steps. We’ll discuss the science behind assessments, how you can better determine candidate fit and compatibility, and more.

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