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Underperforming Franchisee Training Opportunity

“What if I’m not a top-performing franchisee?” Perhaps you’ve heard this question from a current or prospective franchisee. Or maybe you are thinking about the underperforming franchisees in your system and how to bring them up to the next level.

Not everyone will be a top-performer at every franchise, which is why assessing your prospective franchisees and understanding what makes them “tick” is essential in the franchise sales process. If an individual isn’t a good fit for your type of business, it can result in an unsatisfactory situation for both you and the franchisee.

But sometimes underperformance is simply due to a weakness in a particular area. If identified, with a little work those weaknesses can be strengthened and grow stronger, like a muscle.

When you assess your current franchisees, you are creating a benchmark that allows you to identify your top, middle and lower performers. When you know what characteristics create a top performer, you can look for those same traits in new candidates. But you can also see which of those traits are missing from your lower performers.

For example, let’s say that one of your franchisees is consistently underperforming. After reviewing his profile against the top performers in your system, you see that he is Autocratic in his leadership. If this type of business does best with a more communicative style, then here is a leadership training opportunity.

  • What skills does this franchisee need to better develop?
  • What tools and resources are available to adapt the management system at this particular unit?
  • What systems, if any, can be established to facilitate this development?
  • What kind of leadership training is or should be incorporated into your initial training program?

This is just one way an assessment can prove to be a valuable training tool. Use the information as a way to help mirror the key behaviors and skill sets of the top performers in your system. Franchisees then have the opportunity to improve in the areas they need improvement, and hopefully mature into one of the top-performing franchisees in your system.

If you would like additional information on Proven Match and our Franchise Individually Targeted (F.I.T.) assessment, contact us today.

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