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Three Reasons You Need A Franchise Blog

Are you blogging for your business? If you are, great! If not, you should be.

Blogging is much more than an attempt at driving traffic to your website. A professional blog is your company’s personal space to communicate your message. It’s a vehicle by which you can share knowledge and show your authority on a particular topic. And maybe most importantly, it’s a platform that encourages engagement with your core audience.

According to an IBM study, roughly 80 percent of corporate blogs contain fewer than five posts. If you’re guilty of starting a blog with the best of intentions only to abandon it a few short weeks later, rest assured that you’re not alone. But it may be time to consider jumpstarting that editorial endeavor once again. 

After all, the Harvard Business Review found that 70 percent of people would rather learn about a brand via an article than an ad. By keeping a consistent posting schedule and adhering to the 80/20 rule you can begin to solidify your brand as a thought leader and a resource.

Why else might you want to have a franchise blog? Consider the following:

Driving traffic to your website isn’t the only reason you should start a blog, but its impact on your SEO efforts should not be overlooked. Blogging increases the likelihood of your business being found in search engine results. Covering topics and issues relevant to your audience, writing attention-grabbing headlines and incorporating keywords will help your articles get picked up by search engines when a user searches for that particular topic.
A blog is your publishing platform. This is your opportunity to share tips, trends and information designed to inform your community. By sharing relevant and thoughtful content you can begin to establish your brand as a thought leader and influencer. And yes, you can talk about your brand too; just don’t limit your content to self-promotion.
Blogging takes commitment, but it can also be a lot of fun. What better way to share the corporate culture of your brand than through regular posts that your audience seeks out. Quality content can help set your brand apart from the clutter. And this gives your followers another opportunity to share your brand through their social media channels.
Blogging can be a great tool for many reasons. Start by committing yourself to keeping content on your blog new, relevant and original. Ready to share your expertise?

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