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Three Reasons We Love Conventions!

Whether you love ‘em or hate ’em, conferences and tradeshows are a must for your franchise business. Depending on what area of your business you’re looking to strengthen, there are a number of industry events available for you to choose from.

Looking for additional franchisee candidates? Wanting to stay up to date on the latest technology to help your business thrive? Interested in harnessing your franchise marketing prowess? There are conventions for these!

Not sure conventions are your thing? Here are three reasons we love conventions and so should you!

1. Networking

Conventions are a great space for meeting new people, connecting with industry influencers and touching base with current contacts and/or clients. Industry events bring professionals in from all over. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with other career-minded individuals that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so.

Even if you’re not a master networker, you can still thrive in this setting. Spend some time prepping for the big event by making a list of speakers you would like to see, pre-introduce yourself to people you would like to meet, and have your “elevator pitch” handy.

2. Learn and Share

Conferences are chock-full of learning opportunities. From panel discussions to featured speakers, interesting presentations and product launches, industry events can be a great way to stay in tune with the latest and greatest. Conversely, conferences and tradeshows are your opportunity to share your business. If you have a new product launch or are looking to expand your business into a new and growing market, here is a perfect time to get the word out. It’s the professional world’s version of show and tell.

3. Q&A

In the digital age it’s easy to connect to our customers and clients from just about anywhere. Even so, you just can’t beat that face-to-face time. This is especially so when clearing up any questions potential customers may have about your product or service. Have you ever tried to demo a product over the phone? You can do it and video conferencing affords a visual presentation. But there there’s just that element of in-person attention that can provide that next level of service and security.

There are a number of reasons to attend industry conferences and tradeshows. These are just a few to get the list rolling!

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