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The Right Way to Handle Employee Engagement

If you’re a successful franchise owner, it’s likely you’ve also been a successful employee at some point in your career. Of all of your jobs, do you remember the ones you enjoyed the most? In all likelihood, that enjoyment probably had a lot to do with a good boss or a solid program of employee engagement. Conversely, if you had a job you didn’t particularly enjoy, do you remember the reason? Let’s assume you didn’t feel appreciated or you felt your contributions didn’t matter. Now as a business owner or manager it’s time to visit the subject of handling proper employee engagement techniques

Employee engagement has everything to do with the interaction between you and your staff. And it’s sorely lacking in today’s business world. As you have no doubt noted in your own career, this activity can vary widely. Because we know that engaged employees are happy employees, we’re going to touch on a few pro tips for creating the right atmosphere and culture in your own small business arena.

Setting a Tone

Much like parenting, being a good boss means being a good leader – living by the same examples and expectations you set for others. While you aren’t striving to be a friend as much as a mentor, there is much to consider in how you interact with your own staff. Do you set rigid work hours, but come and go as you please? While it’s definitely your right to do so, employees often take cues from their superiors, following the examples they witness. If you’re willing to roll up your own sleeves and dive into whatever needs to be done, you can be assured they will respond in kind.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Good leadership means approaching employee engagement in good times, as well as those teachable moments. If you engage with your staff, usually only to point out what they do wrong and how they can improve, you risk creating a stifling atmosphere. Instead, utilize employee engagement techniques, which also reward productivity and accomplishment. 

Again, think back to your own days working under a boss. When you were singled out for achievement, how did you respond? Most who receive praise double down on their efforts, ready to seek the next accomplishment.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

While it’s easy to remark that “…your door is always open (for discussion),” ask yourself if this really is the case. While your physical office door may be open, are your ears? Employees need the ability to engage with leadership. Without it, resentment grows and productivity becomes endangered. Allow your employee engagement process to include regular, but appropriate input. Some of the best ideas you may hear will come from those who routinely conduct the day in and day out tasks at your franchise.

The proper implementation and processes for your employee engagement efforts are crucial to your success as a small business owner. You aren’t paying people to mindlessly automate repetitive tasks. Rather, you’re trying to build a corporate culture of your very own. And its importance can’t be understated.

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