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Smart Multi-Tasking Takes Effort – Here’s How to Do It Right

As a franchisor, would you consider yourself someone who handles multiple projects well? In this week’s blog edition, we’re out to prove that smart multi-tasking takes effort. Even if you see yourself as someone who can get up in the morning, cook breakfast, get the kids ready for school, drive the carpool and arrive at the office before 8:30, you can always improve, right? Because in all likelihood, you probably left your cup of coffee on the counter back at the house. 

Franchisors often feel that they’re doing the job of several people. It certainly seems like it when there’s payroll, taxes, scheduling, ordering inventory, and handling customer service calls. And if each day seems to bring the maximum amount of stress you can handle, you may want to seek relief in the art of multi-tasking.

The very definition of multi-tasking means having the ability to take command and manage several projects at once. Some may require intense concentration and others only nuanced supervision, but in order to truly operate as your most efficient self, we’ve put together a list of three of the best shortcuts to progress. Scouring the far reaches of the internet to bring you the finest content in the way of franchisor solutions, we present our list for you to implement in your daily multi-tasking routine:

Instant Messaging
Let’s begin with inter-office communication. Do you have several employees (or even locations) spread out, but networked, in your current business configuration? How much time do you spend walking from station to station (or back office to front counter) to deliver news or make inquiries? How about time spent on emails or on the phone trading voicemails?

Clever instant messaging services like Slack are making offices and employees more efficient. It’s simply a text-to-text service that uses your internet browser as a common communications platform. Now, while you’re on the phone with a vendor, you can send a “Slack” message to your counterpart in the warehouse, informing him that an order will shortly be delivered. The best part? Slack is free!

Conference Calling
Conference calls cut down on the amount of departmental (and other) face-to-face meetings. No airfare, rental car or other travel expenses are necessary with conference call programs like ReadyTalk and UberConference. It’s a quick and easy setup. With UberConference, for instance, users can simply sign up for a free account, get a personal conference line number and five-digit access code. There’s even a mobile app version for franchisors on the go.

Online Scheduling Calendars
If you use a personal desktop calendar of some sort, it’s probably an excellent way to keep track of what you accomplish. But is it integrated for everyone else? And if not, why not? It can be with free scheduling software.. The difference with scheduling calendars is that they allow other individuals to schedule time with you whenever they need. Your personal calendar provides a schedule of your daily commitments for everyone else looking for a piece of your time.

After using an online scheduling calendar, you’ll get used to telling others to log into your calendar for appointments necessary with you. And this will leave you free to pursue other high priority tasks, which presumably will no longer require scheduling!

At Proven Match we encourage productivity through multi-tasking, not just for ourselves, but for our clients. As a franchisor, you’ll want to know which existing and potential franchisees best fit your business concept. And Proven Match is the proven solution in determining those factors. Obtain the ability to categorize your best existing franchisees for future validation efforts. And find the potential franchisees still engaged in the discovery process to add to your team. Through our proven behavioral assessment techniques, predictive analysis becomes predictive success for your franchise concept. If you’re ready to show your leadership by getting started, give us a call and we’ll put you on the path to a more productive year in 2016.

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