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Proven Match Announces New Dashboard Additions

We recently released two new additions to the Proven Match dashboard – campaign automation and base comparison chart.

Before you begin assessing new franchisee candidates, you will kick off a campaign to assess your current franchisees. Part of the report you receive back at the conclusion of this campaign will serve as a benchmark for assessing all new incoming candidates to help you determine their compatibility with your system.

Not all recipients will respond to your first email request, which means you will often have to send out multiple reminders. With the new campaign automation, this process becomes even simpler!

Now you are able to set up an email campaign that will send out the reminders on a timeline that you set. And once a franchisee has completed their assessment, they will automatically be removed from receiving any additional email reminders. For those that start the assessment but don’t finish, they will receive a link that allows them to start where they left off. 

Base Comparison Chart
Also new to the dashboard is the base comparison chart. When a prospective franchisee completes the assessment, the comparison chart will be created for that candidate. The chart provides a simple, easy-to-read visual representation of how your prospective franchisee compares to the average of your top performers. Yet another way to help you measure compatibility and make sure you’re finding the best “fit” for your business.
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