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Part 2: Qualifying Your Next Great Franchisee – Leadership and Work Style

In this blog series, Qualifying Your Next Great Franchisee, we are discussing five key elements you should be incorporating into your franchisee qualification process.

Last week, we took a look at franchisee candidate values and motives and the importance of value systems. This week we are reviewing candidate leadership and work styles. How do these two elements contribute to your franchisee profile? How do they help determine “fit” and, ultimately, success within your system?

What is Leadership Style?
Leadership style is exactly what it sounds like – the way in which a franchisee leads. Some leaders rule with an iron fist, for example. They make all of the decisions and rules. Objectives and tasks are set, and others are expected to do what is required. And some of us have a more relaxed attitude about rules. For these leaders, they see communication as being horizontal among the staff, and employees manage their own areas of the business.
One type of leadership is not necessarily better than the others. Each type of leadership style comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But a particular leadership style will typically be a better “fit” with your business model than the others.
What Type of Leadership Does Your Franchise Require to Thrive?
As a franchisor, it is important to understand what type of leadership skills are required of your franchise owners. A great first step is to evaluate your current franchisees. What are the leadership characteristics of your top-performing franchisees? You can use this information as a benchmark to compare against incoming candidates.
Does the franchise owner role require the individual to be an autocratic leader, making all of the decisions at the manager level? Or, is a collaborative style more conducive to the work environment? Leadership style will play a direct role in determining the direction of the business and employee motivation. A good leader can produce happy, motivated employees, which translates to higher productivity and a successful business.
Identifying Work Style
A candidate’s work style refers to those aspects of their personality pertinent to running a business. This includes managing time and resources. Work style can help determine how a candidate will prioritize, what type of workplace that individual will create, identify particular strengths and weaknesses, among other characteristics.
What type of work style allows for greater success in your business model? Understand the commonalities of work style among your top performers so you can use that information as another benchmark when identifying ideal franchisee candidates for your business.
Take for instance a candidate who has a primary work style of a director. You can expect that individual to have strong administrative and leadership skills, work at a fast pace and create an efficient and structured workplace. If the franchise requires the owner to be the face of the business, then you are looking for a candidate that is enthusiastic, outgoing and social, in other words, a work style characterized as “promoter.”
Do you know the leadership and work style of your top-performing franchisees? This information is one more piece of your ideal candidate’s profile and can help you identify your next great franchisee for your system.

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