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Part 3: Qualifying Your Next Great Franchisee

There are several areas of compatibility to consider when identifying and recruiting franchisee candidates. So far we’ve taken a look at values, motives and leadership and work styles. The final two elements we’ll discuss in this three-part series, Qualifying Your Next Great Franchisee, are compliance and core competencies.

How can better understanding these areas of compatibility help in recruiting ideal candidates for your system?

Candidate Response to Working in a System
When assessing your candidates’ abilities to follow rules and regulations, what you are reviewing is their level of compliance. This helps you determine their willingness to follow a certain set of procedures, which is especially necessary when owning and operating a franchise business.
Depending on the life stage of your franchise, the systems may still be developing and evolving. If this is the case, then it’s important to understand if a candidate can be flexible as those standards are changed and updated. On the other hand, a mature franchise will have established systems in place that have been time-tested. Candidates unable or unwilling to follow policies and procedures may have a more difficult time in your system, resulting in lower performance. And consistently underperforming franchisees hurt every brand.
What Core Competencies are Complementary to the Business?
Core competencies refer to a candidate’s set of transferrable professional and technical skills. Evaluating a candidate’s core abilities is important in determining if the franchise concept and business owner have complementary competencies. So, when reviewing potential franchisee’s skillsets and business acumen, look for those areas that complement your own.
What key attributes do your top-performing franchisees display? For instance, does your franchise model thrive on building excellent rapport or require some form of sales? Explore what key attributes are required to be successful. This can be one more benchmark for predicting compatibility and ultimately success within your franchise.
Assessing your candidates prior to bringing them into your system allows you to not only recruit a better quality candidate, but also achieve greater retention. Knowing what to look for, however, begins with assessing your current top-performing franchisees. They can be your best reference to understanding what values and motives, leadership and work styles, compliance, core competencies, among others to look for during your recruitment and selection process.
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