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Motivational Direction in Franchise Recruitment

What moves you to action? Are you motivated by achievements and goals or by avoiding punishment and obstacles? Depending on your answer you are classified as either Toward or Away From.

This classification is part of our Direction/Priorities meta program and plays an important role in determining compatibility in franchisee recruitment. How so? Let’s take a look at these two motivational directions.

We don’t often think about motivation in terms of direction, but consider a potential franchisee motivated by goals. They are looking to achieve or attain something, and when they see the means to reach that goal, they will seize that opportunity. In other words, they are a Toward direction sort. These individuals are often very clear in terms of what they want, but they might have trouble recognizing potential problems or foreseeing issues. 

Away From individuals, however, have no problem foreseeing potential issues or areas to be avoided. Having the opportunity to solve a problem or fix something motivates them. Of course, this type of direction sort can also result in the inability to change or adapt quickly because they are very deliberate and cautious in their thinking.

What type of motivational direction fits your franchise best? Are many of your operators risk adverse and is this a positive or negative business trait in your model? Do your top franchisees routinely display positive energy and an optimism that allows them to juggle multiple initiatives at once successfully?

Understanding what motivates your top franchisees can help you in understanding and recruiting your next group of candidates. Motivation is just one element in the behavioral assessment process to help determine franchisee compatibility with your franchise model. If you would like to learn more about how to assess for your next great group of franchisees, give us a call

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