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Identify, Recruit Ideal Franchisees for Your Business

How do you currently identify and recruit your top-performing franchisees? Finding high-quality franchisee candidates specific to your business model can be challenging. 

If your pipeline is overflowing with interested candidates, then you know how difficult it can be to accurately assess each person as they come in. If you have too few interested candidates, then you may feel you need to shake up your recruiting strategy. In either case, it ultimately comes down to identifying and recruiting the “right” candidates for your business. Whether they have already started the discovery process or are in the pool of prospective business owners just waiting to hear about your opportunity, knowing what to look for in ideal future franchisees is key.

When you have to rely on educated guesses to identify top franchisee candidates, you are likely to let some of the low performing few into your system, too. Consistently underperforming franchisees can be frustrating and costly. And just because a franchisee is a low performer in your business does not mean that they could not have been a top performer in a different business model.

Today, there are tools available to help franchisors take the guesswork out of the franchisee recruitment process. Using values and motives-based assessment tools, franchisors are now able to scientifically qualify potential franchisees. 

Behavioral assessment tools should look at demographic and psychographic data. When assessing potential candidates, it’s necessary to consider more than age, education and income. Looking at psychological attributes including social, emotional and financial risk tolerance, core competencies, innovation, energy level and the propensity to purchase are just a few areas to help you truly understand your prospect. In other words, once you have insight into these things, you can more effectively present your concept and communicate your message to the individual.

If you are interested in learning more about how a behavioral assessment can help you reach your franchise sales and recruitment goals, contact Proven Match today. We are happy to set up a complimentary consultation to explain the assessment process and Proven Match software.

Check out this one-minute video for a quick overview of how Proven Match works. 

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