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How Important is the Franchisor/Franchisee Fit?

How do you currently assess a candidate’s ability to fit in your business model? A franchisee’s motives, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, transferrable skills, etc. should align with the business. Do the work hours complement the franchisee’s lifestyle? Does the role of the owner require a sales background, and if so, does the franchisee have sales experience? Essentially, is the franchisee a good fit for the role that he or she will be taking on as a franchise owner?

A salesperson knows their buyers. You should know your franchisees, and this requires more than evaluating top-level business skills. A franchise assessment tool is designed to determine the parameters that define success in your business model. Parameters may include sales, gross revenue, market share, compliance and personality traits, to name a few.

The process is done through a type of reverse engineering – turning to your current top performers to provide insight into what makes them successful. As you assess your top performers, you are quantifying those qualities that are predictors of success within your business. The resulting pattern becomes a customized compatibility score determining what makes a good franchisee fit in your system. The same process can be used to determine the profile of middle and low performers.

The resulting information is the benchmark to compare against all incoming potential franchisees. This can streamline the recruitment process, providing a consistent and accurate measurement to which you can qualify your candidates.

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