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5 Tips for Marketing to Your Ideal Franchisee Candidates

What if we could only attract the most highly qualified, ideal candidates for our franchise concept? As soon as we received an email, an alert, a phone call or a referral from a new lead, we already knew they would be a good fit.

That would be ideal, but not every candidate is a good fit for every franchise. Which is why focusing your marketing efforts to better target your ideal prospects is so important. 

One of the very first steps in this process is identifying or defining your candidate profile. Who is your ideal franchisee that you want to target with your marketing campaigns? Knowing certain characteristics, lifestyle, values, income level, etc. of your top-performing franchisees can assist you in better allocating and targeting your marketing efforts. The result – effectively communicating to whom you want to communicate with (your ideal candidate), when you want to communicate with them (when their ready to make an investment decision).

So once you’ve determined the franchisee profile(s) that best represent your ideal prospects, you’re ready to market to them. Here are five things to consider when marketing for your ideal franchisee candidate.

1. Map the media landscape
There are a number of different channels through which you can communicate your message. But selecting the right medium for your message is key. An ad directed for radio, for instance, won’t have the visual elements needed to make a successful video. Furthermore, once you know who your audience is, you can better select your marketing channels, tailor your message to their needs and, ultimately, take better control over whom you’re reaching with your message.
2. Evaluate content consumption preferences
People have a preference when it comes to how they consume their news or content. Some people like a very thorough review, a full article on a topic. Others may just like the bullet point version. And still less, some like a quick visual representation – a testament to the growing popularity of infographics and video.
When you’re communicating your message, consider how your ideal prospective franchisees will consume your content. If you’re distributing a monthly e-blast to your database, for example, consider how many emails we all receive daily. In other words, you’ll want your written message to be brief and the image to be eye catching. If you’re linking to an outside article, you may want that content to be “snackable,” something your recipients can devour quickly but still feel satisfied.
3. Value the values
What does your ideal candidate value? If you can truly understand their underlying motives for wanting to own their own business, you can better tailor your message to communicate if and how your business aligns with those goals.
Let’s say your ideal candidate values family and they are interested in becoming their own boss so they can be with their family more. Perhaps your business allows for flexible hours and is a semi-absentee ownership opportunity. If so, now you know that these are characteristics of the business that would be important to convey to your prospects. 
4. Speak their language
Did you know that we respond better to certain words over others depending on our profile?
Your recruiting should align with the look and feel of your brand’s overall marketing efforts. But there are certain words that you may and may not want to consider mixing in when communicating with your ideal franchisee candidates. Words like “high-growth” and “strength” might be great for an Achiever profile, but hearing descriptions like “slow-paced” and “traditional” might send them running.
5. Invest in clear, consistent communication
Keep your brand in front of your audience. Whether through digital or print advertising campaigns, PR efforts, e-blasts and e-newsletters or tradeshows, it’s important that you’re communicating with your audience regularly.
Your effective frequency, or the number of times your brand message must be seen by a consumer to cause an action, is greater than one. It may even be greater than five. So make sure you’re consistently communicating your message. More importantly, the message you are communicating needs to be clear and concise, telling your audience what it is that you have to offer.
Define the profile of your ideal franchisee candidate. Once you know who you want to reach, then you can focus on how you want to reach them.

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