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Everyone Needs a Little Leadership Inspiration

What makes a great leader? There are a number of characteristics and traits that contribute to a person becoming not just an authoritative figure, but also a leader. 

Sure, some leaders are born, but many of us need to learn, perfect and hone these leadership skills on a regular basis. Whether you’re a business owner, a manager or a parent, we could all use a refresher in this area at some time or another.

Here is a quick round-up of five leadership articles to help inspire you to take your leadership from good to great! 

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders,
By Travis Bradberry

“Great communicators stand out from the crowd. They're honest. They're authentic. They listen. They excel in communication because they value it, and that's the critical first step to becoming a great leader.”

Read the article here.


Great Leadership Isn’t About You, Harvard Business Review
By John Michel

“The most effective form of leadership is supportive. It is collaborative. It is never assigning a task, role or function to another that we ourselves would not be willing to perform. For all practical purposes, leading well is as simple as remembering to remain others-centered instead of self-centered. To do this, I try to keep these four imperatives in mind:”

Read the article here.


Rhon: 7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader,
By: Jim Rohn

“Learn to be strong but not impolite. It is an extra step you must take to become a powerful, capable leader with a wide range of reach. Some people mistake rudeness for strength. It's not even a good substitute.”

Read the article here.


Leadership is About Emotion, Forbes
By Meghan Biro

Show me a know-it-all and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t have a clue about being human. Curiosity and an insatiable desire to always do better is the mark of a great leader. They are rarely satisfied with the status quo, and welcome new knowledge and fresh (even if challenging) input. It’s all about investing in yourself.”

Read the article here.


Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe, TED Talk
By Simon Sinek

In this TED Talk, Simon Sinek discusses the idea of what makes a great leader. He talks about how leadership takes on the responsibility of creating an environment of trust and cooperation. And how creating this secure environment, especially in the context of business, can be challenging.

Watch discussion here.

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