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Establishing an Online Presence for Your Business

Are you building your online community? As a brand, having an online presence is essential. One of the very first things any potential franchisee will do when considering business ownership is head straight for a computer (or mobile device). Open a browser. Search.

What would they see if they searched your business?

Building your online presence and managing your online reputation is an ongoing process. And it’s best if you don’t wait until you need your online audience before you start a dialogue them.

Whether you’re in the beginning phase of taking your business “online” or looking for ways to continue to manage your brand’s exposure, here are a few articles to get you thinking:

A Beginner’s Guide to Establishing an Online Presence on a Budget
By Chuck Cohn, Forbes

This article is a quick overview on taking your brand online. Start with a website, establish your goals and promote your presence. If your brand is new to digital, this is a good place to start. Read the full article here.


How to Create a Total Online Presence (When You Really Don’t Have the Time)
By John Jantsch,

If you like a solid checklist, then you’ll like this read. John Jantsch provides readers with a quick list of action steps to help you strategically manage your online presence. The article doesn’t go into full detail, but what it does do is give you just enough information so you can research each suggested step on your own, if needed. From claiming online real estate to capturing and segmenting visits and analyzing your progress, it’s likely you’ll find some items on this list you still need to check off. Read the full article here


How to Increase Awareness, Generate Leads and Create Advocacy with Social Media
By Daniel Kushner, Social Media Examiner

This article tackles three of the most common marketing goals and how to reach them through social media. Read about increasing brand awareness and developing content that speaks to your audience. I especially like point #3 on customer advocacy, which can have a significant impact on your ROI. Check out this article to see how you can better engage your audience about your business opportunities. Read the full article here.


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