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Digital Marketing Tune-Up: Optimizing Your Presence on the Web

When it comes to website marketing, everyone’s an expert. Or so they say. Setting up a uniform presence for franchise brands that correlates to its franchisee base has been a challenging theme for the past few years. However, recent news shows that this trend is reversing under some fairly simple marketing principles. Born of trial and error, the results now being achieved are starting to turn some heads and we felt like it would make an interesting blog topic. 

Based on a well-read and well-shared article that previously appeared in Franchising World, there was a list of three recommendations that franchisors should take to heart when determining the next digital marketing tune-up. It’s all about optimizing your presence on the web in a way that benefits your franchisees as well. Here is what the article’s author, Jeremy LaDuque, Senior VP of BridgeLine Digital, recommends in the way of strategy:

A Centralized Solution

While it’s already commonplace for franchisors to have a branded and templated site design for its individual franchisees, the advice goes a step further in recommending the use of digital management suite software. A good example is the WordPress ManageWP and its signature Orion platform. What do these digital dashboard management suites do best? According to LaDuque’s advice, it’s a means to “…centralize all of [your] online marketing efforts starting with the underlying marketing software that supports functionality such as local websites, email marketing, and social media management.” A system such as the ManageWP suite could go a long way toward concentrating your best efforts to share news, data, testimonials and even social media updates. 

Big Data

How does your franchise brand collect and disseminate the customer data crucial to its ongoing success? Current methods range from the archaic (Excel spreadsheets) to the highly advanced Cloud-based IT systems. However, as the author points out, if you don’t have a central repository for storing, analyzing and disseminating your data, it may be time for an upgrade to a Data Management Platform (DMP) solution. A decent example is Oracle’s BlueKai platform, which promises data management for audiences, activation through media and advertising and powerful analytics.

Conformity of Advertising

While many franchises closely relegate the advertising spends and efforts on behalf of franchisees, some do not. This translates to a common problem in which key messages designed for one target market completely miss the mark for another. In the article, LaDuque directly states the benefit of such a system by stating, “A centralized advertising approach means individual franchisees can benefit from the shared knowledge of dozens of campaigns. Converting ad copy, top performing keywords and best ad group structures can generally be applied across all locations, with a local twist. The result? Advertising tests become insightful more quickly and valuable budgets are spent with greater efficacy.”

If you’ve noticed a theme here, we agree. A centralized approach to digital matters is making more and more sense to franchisors. It’s definitely worth a look to see where your current efforts might benefit from a tune up in the digital space.

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