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Almost all of us have played an organized sport at some time. Perhaps you were the star quarterback of your high school football team. Or maybe you medaled for a local swimming club. It’s even possible you once won the co-ed softball division in your local hometown. In each of these cases, your team affiliations were managed by a coach. Someone to guide your talent and make sure you executed your responsibilities on the field, the pool, the pitch or the court. Then you graduated to the business world and the coaching stopped. Why? 

It’s funny to think that many business people don’t see the need or think there is value in having a coach or mentor continue to guide their success. It’s almost as if once you graduated from school, mentorship and coaching were no longer necessary. There are no more games, no more meets, no more tests, right? Wrong. 

Investigating the usefulness of a business coach or mentor is something that every franchise and small business owner should consider. One of the main reasons is because franchising lends itself so well to the practice. Do you recall or still participate in the validation process with your franchise? If you were receiving franchise business advice—or giving it, you were actively involved in a coaching/mentorship behavioral model. Did you enjoy those sessions?

Now might be the perfect opportunity to look into an independent business coach or mentor for your professional development and growth of your business. And if you know what resources are available to you, you may just find the best fit for your particular business industry. Where should you go to investigate the search for a business mentor? For starters, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has a terrific section of their website dedicated to matching mentors with existing business owners. Business mentors get involved because they truly enjoy seeing others succeed. Who knows? Maybe you would like to become the mentor someday.

Finding a franchise business mentor isn’t likely to involve much in the way of hard costs for the service you’ll receive. Business coaching, by definition, is a little more intense and tends to focus on sharpening up key aspects of the way you do business. There are a myriad of choices available if you decide to go the business coaching route. As with any vendor service selection process, do your homework when researching business coaches. Find out who they’ve helped in the past. What are past clients saying? How do their testimonials stack up? Lastly, look at pricing and packages. What you pay versus what you receive can vary quite a bit. For the soundest of advice, make it a point to interview with a business coach in person to see if the two of you will make a good fit for one another.

Business mentors and coaches can help you overcome business obstacles, processes and issues. You may glean fresh and innovative ways to solve problems you never before considered on your own. This is because business mentors and coaches provide direction, advice and actionable outcomes. In a way, just like that old coach of yours.  

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