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Why Proven Match is a Proven Solution

During this week’s blog edition, we’re going to take a quick break from the usual advice-oriented columns and give ourselves a bit of a pat on the back. It will also give you a chance to better understand what makes Proven Match stand out in a field crowded with alternative choices, many of whom aren’t truly up to the task at hand. As the famous phrase goes, we’re “…often imitated, never duplicated.” And since we just borrowed that saying, want to know where it originated? In 1927, the Traub Manufacturing Company used it to advertise their selection of wedding and engagement rings. Our belief is that it was true then and it’s true now.

What Proven Match does is actual science. Behavioral science. We strive to accurately categorize ideal franchise candidates on behalf of franchisors. Once completed, our results identify and predict those candidates who are most likely to be top-performers in your franchise organization. This scientific approach is performed by utilizing seven different franchise behavioral dimensions and funneling them into one psychometric assessment. Unlike other candidate testing, Proven Match was designed and created to benefit one industry only—franchising.

To date, we’re awfully proud of our accomplishments. But we don’t just ask you to take our word for it. A long way back, Proven Match determined that client testimonials were a powerful tool for achieving recognition and awareness in the marketplace. It’s sort of like the J.D. Power & Associates rankings principle. If we say we’re great, it’s bragging. If they say we’re great, it’s proof.

Here’s what some of our favorite clients had to say about Proven Match:

”For years, had incorporated a Personal Profile solution as part of our franchise awarding process. Before Proven Match, the solution we had been using did not provide the accuracy we find in the candidates results found in Proven Match.

Proven Match has taken the speculation out of the equation, finding that perfect harmony between potential franchisee and our franchise model; the results are clear and succinct. Saving valuable time and investment for both the candidate and the franchise process.

As the Proverb phrase, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" we did and liked it!”

                     -- John K. Stordy, Franchise Development Manager of

 “Tutor Doctor, by its nature, is an opportunity that is attractive to a wide variety of individuals from many different walks of life. It is an opportunity that requires a high level of people skills, passion, commitment, hard work, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s also an opportunity that requires individuals to be results focused and achievement oriented. Some of the required skills are trainable but most of them are not. In other words we need franchisee candidates to bring these skills and attributes to the table. Proven Match helps us to do exactly that. It helps us to identify the candidates who possess the necessary attributes for success. Working with Molly and the Proven Match team has been a great experience that has made the launch and implementation very smooth and seamless. We are very excited to be using this valuable tool to help us achieve even greater levels of growth and success in franchisee recruitment!”

                     -- Frank Milner, President of tutor|doctor

We cherish the kind words and intimate details that each of these clients have shared with us, so that we could share them with you. The key benefits to utilizing Proven Match’s services with franchise businesses is clear. Using our proprietary candidate assessment tools, franchises can quickly and easily determine the top candidates from a large pool of potential franchisees. To sum it all up, you can think of it as genetic testing for the best-in-class of future franchise owners.

As a franchisor, you’ll want to know which existing and potential franchisees best fit your business concept. And Proven Match is the proven solution in determining those factors. Obtain the ability to categorize your best existing franchisees for future validation efforts. And find the potential franchisees still engaged in the discovery process to add to your team. Through our proven behavioral assessment techniques, predictive analysis becomes predictive success for your franchise concept. If you’re ready to show your leadership by getting started, give us a call and we’ll put you on the path to a more productive year in 2016 and beyond.    

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