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Franchisor Mobile App Success Stories

It’s no secret that leading franchisors have jumped into the mobile app business with both feet. One primary reason? Customers absolutely love the additional level of interaction and convenience. Most mobile apps utilized by franchises center on three key objectives: ease of ordering, paying and promotion. In the spirit of this new wave of continued innovation, we’re going to take a look at how some franchises utilize mobile apps to further engage with their valued consumer base.

Technology has made it much easier to bring mobile app conveniences to the masses. Apple and Android’s tap to pay feature is now a prominent fixture among the checkout landscape and thousands of companies have integrated the feature right into their own mobile app features. But where franchises can really separate themselves from the competition is in the promotions department. By creating proprietary promotional and loyalty features as an integral part of their mobile app design, many franchises have added another level of interaction and experiences with their customer base. Let’s look at a few cutting-edge examples:

7-11 Gets Personal

In 2015, top franchisor 7-11 launched their 7Rewards™ program on their mobile app. It based around the concept of volume discounts, but where it differs is in how personal it gets with your precise purchases. From the app’s dedicated website (with direct links to download), the program is designed to provide incentives for “…buying any cup of a 7-Eleven beverage, your way, every day. For every six drinks purchased, the seventh is free.” So, if you stop by 7-Eleven each day and always buy a 20-oz. coffee, with the app, you can score one free cup per week. In addition, customers are fed additional exclusive offers.

Was it successful? According to 7-Eleven, a year after the program launch, app scans by customers more than doubled. They also found that when customers redeemed their free drink, they usually spent an additional 30 percent on other items during the same visit.

Jimmie John’s Knows What You Eat

Universally known for their “freaky fast” delivery, franchise giant Jimmie John’s built features into their app that make regular ordering even more convenient for repeat users. As a user, their mobile app platform allows you to save order and pickup locations. Imagine—one for home and one for work. Jimmie John’s has you covered seven days a week. You can even save your previous orders to select the exact same sandwich the next time—which is personalization to a tee.

TCBY Takes Care of Business

Frozen yogurt king TCBY lives up to their name with an amazing mobile app featuring multiple ways to obtain product discounts. There’s the typical free treat waiting at the end of a nominal spend, but TCBY also has features which allow you to recruit friends as referrals for additional promotions and couponing. They’ve even divided the program into three tiers, Silver Spoon, Gold Spoon and Platinum Spoon status. Also, by just starting with the app download itself, your first treat is free.

As you can see, mobile apps can play a large role in creating opportunities to share product and purchase information directly with your customers. While thousands of franchisors continue to get creative with what they offer, many more are still on the sidelines at the moment, not having developed the type of technology which can win repeat business through loyalty programs.

The next generation is already glued to their smartphone devices. If you aren’t already in the mobile app game, it’s time you began some preliminary research into how you can take advantage of this growing phenomenon.


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