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Being a Franchise Advocate Beyond Your Own Brand

During this week’s Proven Match blog, we’re going to discuss the topic of advocacy for franchising, beyond the promotion of your own particular brand. That’s to say that franchise owners should not only be promoting their own businesses for obvious reasons, but also the concept of franchising in general. Success stories need to be shared, as raising the awareness of franchising as a career path benefits everyone working in the industry. As they say, the more, the merrier.

How would a franchise owner go about embarking upon an advocacy campaign? First and foremost, by getting involved at the local level. Whether your franchise is in a large metropolitan area or in a one-stoplight town, as a business owner you have the right to obtain a seat at the table for advocacy. A great place to start is the local Chamber of Commerce. If you’re not yet a member, you should become one. The benefits are numerous and the time vested for achieving a return on your nominal investment is small in comparison.

When you become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you will have instant access to achieve several key business goals, the least of which is an incredible opportunity to network with your peers in the business community. They, in turn, will see you (and by association, your franchise) as a legitimate and concerned small business that wants to benefit the community they serve. This is an ideal example of becoming a franchise advocate beyond your own brand. 

In addition, Chamber membership opens up a whole new world of possibilities in promoting the concept of franchising in your own backyard. Plenty of events, awards banquets, and industry expositions are typically planned throughout the year. It’s your chance to educate your fellow residents on why franchising was the right choice for you. And why it could be for others, as well. 

The next step in franchise advocacy that we’ll discuss is becoming a member of your own brand’s council or advisory board. Most reputable franchise boards operate with a Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) or Franchise Advisory Council (FAB) group. Even if you are relatively new within your own franchise ownership group, you should enquire as to whether or not your opinions might be valuable to the group as a whole. Call it a fresh perspective, but there is much that the older, more established members can learn from a new operator. Offer to volunteer your time, effort and opinions and see how much advocacy you can generate from your efforts. It’s likely to pay off down the road. 

The final piece of advice for becoming a franchise advocate beyond your own brand is recognition. Raising awareness comes in many forms, however, the media is the most powerful of vehicles. The object in mind, whether it comes in the form of a print interview, local broadcast segment or even an online blog such as this one, is to tout the benefits of operating a franchised business. What it comes down to is sharing your own experience with others. If you’re able to communicate the advantages of getting into franchising in the same manner that led you down this path, you’ll have established yourself as an advocate of the industry. And perhaps you’ll influence the next round of potential franchisees along the way.


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