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An Inspirational Franchise Ownership Tale

Without a doubt, the past couple of weeks have been very trying times for our country and many others around the globe. Unspeakable events have occurred that seem to shake our very foundations, beliefs and character. While we stand together with those affected, we also felt like our blog readers could use an inspirational story -- one that fosters a message of hope, resilience and the promise of a better tomorrow. Let’s take a look at the story of Jo McCabe and her Mr. Handyman franchise.

McCabe is a U.S. Veteran, having attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. She received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and later an MBA. After an extensive military career in which she served as an aircraft maintenance officer, she joined the reserves security force, eventually managing over 1,000 employees -- but she always wanted to own her own business.

She turned to franchising, poring over the investigative process of dozens of franchise concepts. Ostensibly, she wanted to find a business that would line up with her strengths and interests. She finally found a good match in one of the most popular brands available, Mr. Handyman. Providing professional solutions for minor (and major) home and commercial repairs seemed like a good fit for her previous experiences.

Her timing of the franchise purchase couldn’t have been worse. She signed her franchise agreements and opened the doors to her business in September 2008, the very beginning of the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression. She almost didn’t make it. By her own admission, the first two years of her franchise business were “tough”.

In order to get past the hard times, she employed an excellent tactic beginning in 2010. She focused on the very basics of the franchised business. One key factor was intense and focused customer service. She also concentrated on simple marketing techniques designed to lead to referrals and repeat business. Her attention to the smallest of details and perseverance paid off, as her business increased almost 50 percent by the end of 2010. She finished the year being awarded Mr. Handyman’s 2010 Franchisee of the Year, and was well on her way to a thriving franchise.

Today, her Northern Virginia Mr. Handyman franchise is doing quite well. She’s up to six employees and her business and territory continue to expand. The corporate Mr. Handyman folks took note of her inspirational story, recognizing her as one of the top-10 franchisees in sales for 2012. She now serves on the Mr. Handyman Franchise Advisory Council and Metrics Committee as well.

Jo McCabe remains quite humble about her journey, her story and her success. She’s gone on the record to say that there was no one “magic bullet” that turned things around and put her on the path to success. What worked for her was keeping a clear focus on her personal and professional goals, while mastering the very basics of running a small business. She also credits her military background with providing her the advanced skill set necessary to run her business, specifically by surrounding yourself with instruction.

Jo’s journey to becoming a very successful franchisee is an excellent case study in fortitude, determination and resolve -- something we could all use a dose of these days.

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