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Change Up: Alternating Communication Styles to Suit Candidate Personalities

Who’s ready to talk about different personality types? We sure are. In this week’s Proven Match blog edition, we’re going to tackle the science behind those awkward holiday dinners you recently sat through. And when we’re through, maybe you’ll have a greater understanding of why your great aunt took such offense to your political argument. No need to get into specifics however, and the decision to offer an apology is solely up to you (wink wink). 

There’s an excellent amount of information on the Internet concerning the different classes of personality types. Aside from the Astrology side of the coin, what we’re basically interested in is pure science. Proven Match’s Franchise Individually Targeted Assessment (F.I.T.) includes four distinct personality types:

  • Achiever
  • Belonger
  • Emulator
  • Societal

Each of these personality types include specific data points that we urge clients to utilize when speaking with franchisee prospects. It’s becoming increasingly important to target communications and tailor messaging to produce a desired outcome. It’s a key determining factor in the decision-making process throughout the investigative discovery phase. Here are examples of these specific communicative tactics in action: 

Achievers are reliably dynamic, driven and successful, just like the name would suggest. In communication attempts, talking “down” to them is a non-starter. They’re highly suspect of hyperbole, exaggeration and inconsistencies. They prefer facts, data, statistics and comparisons.

Belongers are conservative, hard-working and have a strong moral compass. When communicating with this personality type, one should try to connect on an emotional level with them. Belongers require casual conversation and reassurance.

Emulators are ambitious, competitive and have a strong need to appear successful to others. Communicative strategies with this group should highlight admiration and respect for what they’ve already achieved. Because Emulators fear failure worse than anything else, avoid any underestimation of their ability to succeed.

Societal personality types are typically highly educated and have a strong need to foment positive change in their lives and others. When it comes to communicative strategies, you can’t get pushy with them—or they’ll push back. Integrity, humility and kindness are well received by Societal types. They also have a strong desire to “make a difference”, so communicating their own personal impact on subjects and topics is a winning strategy.

While there is much written and available on the subject of communicative strategies, Proven Match has put a lot of work into our proprietary F.I.T. assessments. We’re driven to help you communicate with specific personality types by changing your approach to conversations. It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of small to mid-size businesses rank ineffective communication as their primary problem. In addressing this troubling statistic, we simply want to offer a sound solution.

As a franchisor, you’ll want to know how to communicate effectively with your existing and potential franchisees in order to figure out who is the best fit your business concept. Proven Match is the proven solution in determining those factors. Through our proven behavioral assessment techniques, predictive analysis becomes predictive success for your franchise concept. If you’re ready to show your leadership by getting started, give us a call and we’ll put you on the path to a more productive year in 2017.

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