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4 Ways to Target Ideal Franchisees

You know who you want in your system. Now you need to know how to find them.

Once we have an idea of our top-performing franchisee profile, we’re ready to start marketing for candidates that exemplify those traits. Understanding your target market is half the battle. If you know you’re trying to reach millennials, for instance, you may want to reconsider the message you’re sending with that traditional radio spot you’ve held for the past few years.

So as you go about marketing to your ideal audience, what are some things to keep in mind? Here we’ve outlined four tips to help you get started.

1. Where is your audience?

Now that you have identified your target audience, your top-performing franchisee profile, you should have a better idea of where they hang out. In other words, what types of websites do they visit; where and how do they get their news; are they digital savvy? By identifying these outlets, you can better position your marketing activities. No sense in spending ad dollars on a placement in a publication that your ideal candidates don’t read.

2. What kind of language are you using?

Pay particular attention to the language you are using to communicate your message. Depending on your ideal candidate’s buyer motive, there are terms you may consider using in your recruiting efforts over others. These terms will resonate better with that profile type and allow you to maximize the opportunity to attract potential franchisees that fit with your brand. Conversely, there are also terms you should avoid using which can turn off your target audience.

3. Tailor your message

Consider the type of person that you are trying to target and write your message for them. If your ideal franchisee tends to value family and is motivated by having a more flexible schedule, see how you can communicate that value proposition through your message. Also, consider the platform that you are communicating through. Your message communicated through social media is going to be different than how you would convey that same message via a traditional outlet like a print publication.

4. Maintain a consistent presence

Consistency is key. Once you’ve crafted your message, make sure people are seeing it. It may take several views of your message before your ideal candidate takes an action, such as clicking on an ad or filling in a short form. So make sure that you are maintaining a consistent presence and are in the right place at the right time (when your prospective franchisee is ready for more information).

Identifying your ideal prospective franchisee is the first step. The next step is attracting that ideal candidate. Knowing where to target your audience, how to tailor your message and keeping a consistent presence can help you begin to attract the right franchisees for your business. 

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