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3 Reasons You're Bringing In The Wrong Franchisees

We talk a lot about “fit” when it comes to franchisee recruitment. To effectively identify franchisees that are most likely to become top performers, it’s important that we look at compatibility. But we don’t often talk about how to better gauge that overall perfect match between a business concept and new candidate.

We know that having the financial capability to afford the investment is crucial, but that also doesn’t guarantee top performance. So how do we truly recruit for “fit” and know where we are falling short in the process?

Here are three reasons you may just be letting a few of those underperforming franchisees into your system too.

1. What is your ideal candidate profile?
Your ideal candidate profile outlines not only the income level and average age of your potential franchisees, but also gives insight into candidates as individual people. What are their hobbies, goals and lifestyle? What are their specific skillsets that make them uniquely capable of fulfilling the role of Owner of a franchise unit in your network? This information can help you better predict how they will perform in your franchise.

Identifying your candidate profile serves as a benchmark for assessing all incoming franchisees. Once you know what to look for, or rather not look for, you can better ensure your next franchisee is a good fit for your franchise.  

2. Do you know their values/motives?
When is the last time you made a decision that wasn’t motivated by some other decision, situation, desire or value? Motives are predictors of behavior and performance. Think about your top-performing franchisees. What motivates them? Are they driven by achievement, respect or acknowledgement? Or what motivated them to decide to move forward with your concept in the first place? Perhaps they were looking for an opportunity to help others or they wanted a flexible schedule to spend more time with family.

In other words, your ideal candidate’s values and motives must align with your business model. Identifying what motivates your franchisees not only helps to determine fit but can also assist in better communicating your brand message and opportunity to potential candidates.

3. Are you marketing to the wrong people?
If your ideal candidate is a millennial, you probably don’t want to spend your advertising budget on traditional radio. You have to be where your audience is. And to do that, you have to know who your audience is. If you’re marketing in the wrong places, chances are you’ll be bringing in the wrong candidates for your business model.

What are they listening to and watching? Which publications do they read? Are they on social media, and if so, which platforms? Do you know which websites they visit? Research where to communicate your message and then communicate it clearly, concisely and often. More on marketing to your ideal potential franchisees here

As franchisors, it’s our responsibility to make sure that we’re growing our business with top-performing franchisees. Developing a candidate profile, understanding who are top performers are and effectively communicating to them is crucial in achieving our franchise sales goals. 

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