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November News Round-Up

Thanksgiving is now in the books and here come the Christmas lights. The year that is 2017 is winding down fast. Here’s some of the latest franchise brand news that you may have missed this month:

Joint Employer Bill Passes U.S. House

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation this month aimed at overturning the National Labor Relations Board’s joint employer ruling. As it previously stood, this ruling made franchisors potentially liable for labor law violations committed by subcontractors or their franchisee partners. 

Dubbed the Save Local Business Act, the bill was sponsored by Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.). After debate, the ruling passed on a near party-line vote of 242-181. While no Republicans opposed the bill, eight Democrats signed on to support the legislation. They included Reps. Ami Bera, Lou Correa, Jim Costa, Henry Cuellar, Stephanie Murphy, Scott Peters, Colin Peterson, and Kurt Schrader.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

RFDC Wrap Up – Third Party Delivery is Hot Topic

At the annual Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in Las Vegas this month, the topic of third-party delivery for QSRs set the attendees abuzz with conversation. It appears as if the previous sentiment was a wait and see approach, but it’s becoming clearer that restaurant brands will have to get on board with consumers who prefer to have restaurant quality meals delivered to their doorstep. Much of the conversation centered on the numerous third-party vendors already offering this avenue. But are they true representatives of a franchise’s brand, feel and look?

Contributor Tom Kaiser, who attended the conference and is part of a new media project called Food On Demand had this to say: “Delivery is major, and will soon comprise a much, much larger chunk of the total U.S. restaurant spend. Your restaurant better have a plan for joining this rat race. If you don’t, the rest of the industry is waiting in the shadows, and they might be much further along in the ongoing process of trial and error that seems to be a requirement for making any real money with delivery.”

Get Your Free Cookie

An innovative idea has cropped up from franchisor Great American Cookies. And it’s so simple. Would you like a free cookie from any one of their national establishments? Simply drop by one of their locations on Monday, Dec. 4 and treat yourself to a free sample. It’s all in support of National Cookie Day, which happens to coincide on the Dec. 4 date. Now there’s a thing you know… 

Top-5 Franchisors

Checking in with the good folks at Entrepreneur’s Franchise-500 List, here is a current look at the top five


1. 7-Eleven, Inc.

2. McDonalds

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

4. The UPS Store

5. Jimmy John’s

So that was November. Daylight savings returned, Black Friday has come and gone and yesterday was Cyber Monday. Before it’s all over, we’ll have a theme day for each date on the calendar. At least it feels that way. Thanks for reading along with us and may you have a prosperous and healthy holiday season as we head into the 2018.


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