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What is Proven Match and What Can Its Process Achieve?

Proven Match is all about accurately categorizing your ideal franchisee candidates, so that you can identify and separate future top-performers in your system. Using proven behavioral assessment techniques, you'll be able to replicate this predictive success across the board.

Our assessment techniques combine neuro-linguistic programming technologies with years of experience in matching franchisee candidates with the right business opportunity. Proven Match integrates and utilizes seven different franchisee behavioral dimensions into one simple psychometric assessment. The end result uses a scientific approach to identify the next group of quantifiable candidates most likely to succeed within your own franchise business model.

Proven Match was designed and developed exclusively to benefit the franchising industry. That's because we believe in a true franchise system assessment, not a hopeful guesstimate.

Predicting Optimized Candidates Eliminates the Guesswork

Not all of your franchisee candidates are created equal. Some franchisee candidates will go on to do quite well, while others may constantly struggle with performance. As a franchisor, where will you end up spending most of your future time in training and support? And what do you think that will cost the company in the long run?

Because most franchises don't utilize a systematic or scientific tool to assess their franchisee candidates, their businesses can suffer in the form of future lost time and profitability. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Key Benefits

With Proven Match in your arsenal of franchisee candidate assessment tools, your franchise will immediately recognize and identify optimum candidates. And once they're part of your organization, they'll have a quicker ramp-up time, increased level of performance, greater retention, quality validation, reduced cost of training and support (and litigation!) and last, a higher rate of sustained profitability for your franchise company.

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